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Internet and Email setup

If you need help with setting up your internet connection, an Email account or advice on choosing an Internet Service Provider, we can get you connected.

PC Health Check

Is your PC or laptop running slower than it used to? Is it taking an age to start up and performing so sluggish it makes a snail look fast? Then it maybe time for a health check.

Virus scan and removal

We will scan your computer for any viruses and if any nasties are found, we will remove them. We can also install an Anti-virus program on your PC or laptop to protect you in the future.

Spyware detection and removal

Spyware is a program which can enable someone to track which websites you visit as well as other more sinister things like copying passwords and in rare cases, gain access to your personal information including bank details all without your knowledge or consent. We can detect and remove these programs to help keep your internet surfing a safe experience.


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