Upgrade, installation and repairs

Do you wish your PC had a DVD drive or maybe your CD’s don’t sound as good as you would like? Then an upgrade could be what you need. We can fit various components to improve your PC, or alternatively, diagnose and repair your PC or laptop if it suddenly stops working.

Data Transfer

Have you decided to buy a new PC or laptop but there were certain things you loved about your old one or maybe your old PC has died leaving valued files or treasured photos seemingly lost forever? We can transfer the contents of your PC to your new one and in most cases, recover lost files or photos even if your PC won’t even turn on.

Software Installation and Setup

Have you bought a digital camera, printer or other gadget and are not sure how to get it up and running on your PC or laptop? We can get you started and also show you the basics of how to use it.


Basic Windows and Internet Training

Just purchased your first PC or laptop and not sure how Windows works or maybe the Internet is an absolute mystery to you. Then we can help by providing the training you need to get you started.


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